It’s time to discover yourself

15th September 2015, it has been two weeks that I am here in Ireland. I already love this country and I’m really looking forward to discovering the whole country & myself. I’m German, grew up in Luxembourg and I’ve always been in Belgium to school. Oh, and my name is Marianne. What about you, dear reader?

It’s not the first time that I start a blog but this time, I want to make things right and keep on writing here during my experience in Ireland¬† and even after, we’ll see! I had a look at a few blogs earlier in the day in order to have a better feeling about writing a blog but I still feel lost in the world of bloggers. I enjoy learning new things all the time. It’s probably the reason why I have many hobbies like cooking (and obviously eating what I cook!), photography, music , badminton, running, DIY stuff and almost everything that has to do with a healthy lifestyle. I haven’t decide yet what I am going to write about on my blog but the only thing I can say is that all pictures are taken by myself and I’m happy to share these with all of you!

So here we are! ¬†New blog, new environment, new academic year and this, guys, means new possibilities and new chances. Catch them and try to make the best of it! Let’s keep in touch World!