Are productivity apps more hype than help? (Temporary post to be completed)

My friends and family often call me “Messy Marianne”. It’s not that I am unorganized or even chaotic, it’s juste that I keep forgetting where I put my keys (or phone, bank card or glasses), what to do first when I have plenty of things to do and I always feel under pressure! This is the reason why I was curious and clicked on the article from the BBC. I thought: “After all, this website is known to be serious, I could probably learn something!”

Here’s the link to that article for other curious people: .

Have you ever heard of productivity apps before? I’ve never heard of it and therefore, I’ve decided to download one of those apps and use it for a week.  I also suggest organized people to try the app and give me their feedback, to see the differences there might exist between messy people (me) and organized people.

Let’s start! Choose one of the apps the BBC article mentioned:  Evernote, Pocket, Swipes, Humin or Boxer. All these apps have been 2015 Webby Award winners and nominees.

Done?  Perfect! Now first before using the app: write down your weaknesses in terms of organization, efficiency, plans, cheklists or whatever you use to keep organized (at least have the impression to be organized). You should also write down what you want to improve thanks to this app or what you expect from this app.

This is temporary post which will be completed in one week (3rd November 2015). See you guys, really hope someone’s interested in trying this!  My personal opinion on the article will also be written next week.

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