#PrayforParis , is this really necessary?

Last friday, the 13th November, a series of terrorist attacks took place in more than 5 locations in Paris. The number of casualties is more than 128 people.  This is just terrible and there’s no word to explain what happened. This weekend, I lighted up a candle in my house here in Ireland,  as I always do back home when I feel sad about something and want to show compassion. The more I read on the internet about this tragedy, the more I cried. Saturday in the afternoon, I could read many hashtags like: #prayforparis or #Parisattacks , I was a bit confused since people find the need to share online instead of staying at home and discuss it with people around them. They were used “for messages of condolence and solidarity from around the globe,” as explained the Irish Times a few days ago.

I didn’t really get why the world react so strong on social media. I mean, of course it is terrible what happened but there are so many other terrible things that happened in smaller places and not so well-known as Paris, but is it an excuse to minimise other countries and terrorist attacks? This will be the topic of my next post, the current title is therefore not correct. I really wanted to talk (write) about different limits of social media and especially about “rumours” spreaded when things like these happens.

First of all, stop believing what people write on Twitter or whatever. I mean, why should they know something before authorities?  I was really angry when people started to write just in order to write something, I could for example read “The Eifel tower did go dark in memory of the victims”. It did not. This happened in January 2015, in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.  I also saw a picture and the legend was: ” march expressing solidaritywith the French ” but it turned out to be from an anti-immigration event in January, in Germany… The worst was on Instagram, pictures have circulated claiming to indentify the accounts of some of the terrorists, but authorities had not released any identity… These few examples just to show that you don’t always have to believe what you read, and there it comes again to critical thinking guys!!!



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